• A Global Community

    We are working with organisations benefiting Rwanda, Croatia, India, Ecuador, Nepal, France and the UK. For causes as diverse as disability, food policy, mental health, refugees, conflict resolution and special educational needs.

  • Client Vs Partner

    Like every relationship, there are key things that drive ours. For us it’s the desire to come together for a common goal. We\'ll never have clients only partners. We believe collaboration and partnership are the keys to success.

  • Never Stop Learning

    Our training is engaging and participatory. We draw on our extensive experience as fundraisers, researchers and communications specialists to design the right training for you.

  • Feeling Good Doing Good

    Individual and collective wellbeing is proven to affect our performance. We can help you increase welbeing so you can make an even bigger impact.

  • Fundraising + Comms = Engagement

    We support organisations not just to raise income but to communicate effectively with the public and other stakeholders whilst raising that income.