So much emphasis is put on producing quality applications to secure vital income that charities do not always have the resources or skills in-house to produce quality reporting and project evaluation. Transform Fundraising have years of experience working with wealthy individuals and traditional grant giving organisations providing timely and accurate reporting in a professional manner. More and more donors are focusing on the impact your organisation is making not just the story you are telling. We use excellent project evaluation as a tools to build relationships with donors and win even more bids.¬†¬†Firstly we’ll help you identify why the evaluation is requested? Is it an internal learning need, a donor requirement or both. Then we’ll help shape your evaluation according to the requirements.

Transform Fundraising can help you answer the three fundamental questions every evaluation should ask. Are we doing what we said we would do? Are we making any difference? And, are these the right things to do?

Our Specialties:

  • Full or half day onsite consultancy
  • Developing evaluation ‘Terms of Reference’
  • Developing evaluation scope, objectives and methodology
  • Creating evaluation products (e.g. evaluation report, summaries, power points, fact sheets etc)
  • Onsite evaluation training
  • Project evaluation and report writing
  • Onsite project visits both national and international
  • Evaluation of fundraising performance.